You have the opportunity to return the silicone mold back if:
- you did not like the visual appearance of the final product after 1-2 fillings;
- you found a manufacturing defect;
- you want to make an exchange of a form for another one with or without additional payment.

It is possible to exchange or return a silicone mold if:
- no more than 14 days have passed since the receipt of the order;
- there are no defects on the form after test fillings;
- the form has the original presentation;
- you did not make independent incisions, you did not make punctures in the case of molded candles or other physical actions that visually spoil the shape;

Forms that have one or more of the above items cannot be returned or exchanged. Disputes will be resolved separately in writing.

Silicone mold return policy:
- write to us in direct instagram or telegram;
- describe the reason for the return;
- send a photo / video where defects are visible or something else;

We would like to draw your attention to the following points:
- the return of the form is carried out only after checking all the above items in the return rules;
- in the case of a refund, the funds will be returned to the client only after a complete physical examination on the day we receive the form that was returned;
- also, we can offer compensation up to 40% of the total cost in case it is a manufacturing defect - the decision is immediately in our correspondence;
- also, we can offer to send another form without marriage identical to your order without refund to the client;
- payment for delivery is made by the client in case the client decided to return the form without weighty arguments;
- payment for delivery is made by the client in case the client wants to make an exchange for another form;
- shipping is paid by us if you find a manufacturing defect;
- returns from abroad are not possible due to expensive shipping. If such a circumstance still exists, then such problems are resolved separately in correspondence. We mainly offer partial or full refunds depending on the situation.